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We Pwr Your Pups

What is PwrPup?

Walking with a Pug

PwrPup is the brainchild of three animal lovers who are dissatisfied with the current level of service being offered by dog walkers in Mumbai. We understand the gaps and have built a service that provides an enriching experience for your dog while being highly cost-effective.

PwrPup intends to disrupt the status quo of the dog walking industry by offering a service that influences positive behaviour changes by simply walking correctly! 

The Problems

We noticed our dogs were being made to walk in areas with heavy traffic which would cause them to return home in a state of stress. Since dogs don't speak English, they are unable to communicate stress and this manifests as behaviour problems.

Another complaint against other walkers is that they walk 2 to 5 dogs at a time. This causes stress if the other animals have not been properly socialised. It also means the walker's attention is split 5 ways.

Poop is often uncollected and this is not just a hygiene problem since it affects anyone who uses the streets and footpaths.

Dog walker + pack in roadway.jpg

The PwrPup Advantage

Image of a Pitbull Pup on a pink leash

In an effort to address these shortcomings, we have created a service that will provide a positive and enriching experience for every dog walked.

Our walkers are trained Canine Experience Officers who know exactly what is required to provide a positive walk experience. This means among other things, walking your dog to a calm environment if you live in a busy part of the city or suburb.


All our walks are one-on-one unless you have more than one dog as part of your family.

Our strict "no poop left behind" policy ensures your dog's poop will always be picked up and disposed responsibly.

We are also in the process of developing an app that will not only allow you to book walks on the go, but will also feature real time GPS tracking and record when and where nature's calls are attended to. 

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